The role of electrophysiology in the Quex S stress management system

The role of electrophysiology is key to the Quex S stress management system, whereby all cells are excitable, responding to electrical, chemical and other stimuli, and electrophysiological responses can be measured. By measuring these, we can obtain useful information about the functioning of our body and its responses to stress, which can be improved and developed with the Quex S therapeutic tool (made by QXWorld). It offers an effective solution to the most natural form of stress management, teaching our bodies how to regulate physiological responses.

The role of electrophysiology in the Quex S stress management system

The meaning of electrophysiology is nothing less than the physiological study of bioelectric phenomena. 

Centuries ago, it was observed that frogs, for example, twitch in response to contact with metal, but electric fish have also been used to cure various diseases. The last century has been devoted to the development of invisible devices capable of picking up electrical signals from the body, and many scientists and doctors have been inspired by the science of electrophysiology. 

Quex S is capable of measuring electrophysiological responses, interpreting the results, regulating and improving the physiological level of the body’s reactions to stress, stress management and tension reduction.

The role of electrophysiology in the Quex S system 

We already know that electrophysiology is the science of electrical processes in the body. All cells, tissues and organs emit invisible vibrations which, if we are able to „pick up” and interpret them with the right equipment and react at the problem points, we can be effective in restoring balance.

The Quex S system is designed to do just that, by accurately measuring and analysing electrophysiological responses, feeding back the results and providing the microcurrent stimulation needed to manage stress.

How the Quex S system works 

Quex S is tuned to the stress parameters of the patient’s body. Through straps on the head, ankles and wrists, it measures individual electrophysiological patterns at 12 key points, which the system analyses and uses to teach the body to regulate its physiology, allowing stress management to be effective, stress to be reduced and the body-mind to be in harmony.

Quex S is a non-invasive, active therapy device, an effective stress management system. The system has been developed with the idea that stress disturbs the normal vibration of the body’s cells, tissues and organs, which need to be restored to a state of equilibrium.

The development of the Quex S, the future stress management system, was based on an earlier biofeedback device created by Professor Nelson in the 1980s after 20 years of experience and expertise in the field of energy medicine and bioresonance.

The Quex S effectively applies the biofeedback method, but also actively involves the patient in their own stress management therapy through comprehensive audio-video materials, vibration, auditory and visual stimuli.

Quex S system and biofeedback

Biofeedback therapeutic devices, such as Quex S, are able to assess the body’s condition, provide feedback and activate the body’s self-healing ability. 

Biofeedback devices measure stress-related responses from the body, such as heart rate, respiration, muscle activity, sweating, temperature, and help the body to respond correctly. 

Stress management is now possible without the need to take medication and without side effects, and at the very basic physiological level, through targeted stimulation. 

Biofeedback treatments are used to relieve pain, migraines, headaches, muscle aches, blood pressure problems, circulatory problems, heart problems, musculoskeletal disorders, incontinence, but also for skill development and concentration skills. 

The Quex S system can help:

  • stress management, tension reduction
  • reduce anxiety, depression
  • improve sleep quality
  • Achieve a more energetic, balanced general well-being.
  • restore balance after emotional ups and downs

Constant stress is unhealthy, stressful and can lead to many diseases.

Quex S uses the sensational science of electrophysiology to help us manage stress effectively through awareness and control of our bodies.

It is a modern, accessible, drug-free and non-interventional therapy solution for everyone.